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General Browser Setup

To access Rimsco systems over the Internet, a standard browser is required.

In general, it is a good idea to close all extraneous boxes in the browser (Address bar, Tool Bar, and so on) and to select a medium or small font. Whilst familiarising yourself with the system, a full screen browser window is best, and don't try to run several passwords simultaneously in different windows until you know what you are doing. Java must be enabled, and if you intend to use facilities such as synthesized speech, etc., ActiveX must also be allowed. The easiest way to do this is to make your Rimsco server a Trusted Site with all permissions set on.

Entering the System

If you are addressing a test or example site, the first requirement is to correctly enter your password, taking account of upper/lower case characters, and clicking the "Enter" button.

Providing the password is genuine and not already in use, the system will respond with a choice of PIN numbers or ask you to enter a PIN number and/or other information known only to you. In some cases, you must have an acceptable IP Address associated with the password or registered with Rimsco.

Assuming the information entered is correct, the system will open a channel into the main facilities available to that password. Depending on the language chosen when the password was created, Help Files/Dialogue/Chart of Accounts/etc. will be in that language (provided translation has been completed for that language).

If it is a high-level password with security attributes, the first screen will be concerned with maintenance of subordinate passwords (creating, amending, deleting, enquiring).

For normal passwords, if the password has multi-company capability, the first screen will offer a choice of all the companies to which this password has authorised access.

Otherwise, if only one company is associated with the password, (or a company has been selected from the list of available companies in the Group), the screen shown will be the Master Menu Screen for the appropriate system.

In common with all subsequent screens, there will be icons at the top of the screen (or at the bottom if the pertinent parameter has been changed) offering access to Font parameters (including screen layout, change of the text itself, incorporation of graphics, speech/read-aloud, etc.), targetted Help facilities, and Report printing. Additionally, there may be XML data offered, if present.

Contacting Rimsco

In the following circumstances, please E-mail support either at rimsco.com or caterman.org or the e-mail address which has been provided to you, including your contract/account number in the title (if you want an answer) in plain text format with absolutely no attachments/add-ons/plug-ins/other/etc.:-

1. You are absolutely stuck even though you have read every relevant part of the Help documents.

2. Response times have suddenly increased on your Accounts server only- you have already checked that other servers on the Internet are functioning normally.

3. You have a brilliant idea on how the system could be improved/made to work better/made to work at all, and you would like to share it with us without charge.

4. You are totally and utterly confident on pain of death that any fault you are encountering is not caused by:- (a) Your PC, (b)Your software, (c) Your LAN,(d) A virus, (e)Your Browser,(g)Your Router,(i)Your ISP,(j)The Internet or your connection to it, (k)William Gates, Esq.,(l)You.

And by the way, if you can't log on, either you are entering your password incorrectly (Upper/lower case?) or it has expired or your Account has run out of time.

Finally, on a serious note, please ensure that your e-mail is in a suitable form to be included in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) file should it seem to us to be of general interest. Keep questions short and succinct, and do not include any names/addresses in the body, thereby saving us editing time.

Opening an Account

 To open an Account on a Rimsco Server, you have several options. For the CATERMAN system, the simplest is to use the "Buy Now" facility in the CATERMAN home website at www.caterman.org

For CATERMAN you can use Paypal to pay an initial installment of 10 dollars or 10 euros (10 pounds including VAT for UK users) which sets up an account containing a basic framework and a master password, and also allocates a trial password to a test account with several sample scenarios.

Alternatively, initial application may be made by e-mail to sales at either rimsco.com for RIMACCOUNTS or caterman.org for CATERMAN. You should provide:-

  1. The name and address of the company.
  2. The name of the Account Overseer. All Rimsco correspondence will be addressed to the Account Overseer, excepting E-mail responses to support requests, and only correspondence signed by the Account Overseer will be acted upon. The account Overseer must accept responsibility on behalf of the company for any illegal acts performed by company users of Rimsco Servers, especially regarding any offensive, pornographic or libellous material originating from their password.
  3. For RIMACCOUNTS, the base currency in which the group will account.
  4. The estimated number of users, the estimated average amount of total time logged on per day for all users together, and the estimated maximum total time logged on in any one day for all users (so that we can allocate sufficient capacity).
  5. The local time zone in which the system is to operate.

Provided the information given meets certain criteria, we will provide a test/sample site with 50 hours total usage available for evaluation purposes, and a master password will be supplied to the Account Overseer. There will be no charge for this evaluation service. On expiry of the 50 hours, or after 4 weeks, the site will be deleted.

Should the Account Overseer wish to proceed with implementation, an official order for three or more concurrent users for one year at a cost per user of 200 pounds sterling or 300 Euros or 400 US Dollars must be placed with our sales department. We will then liase with the Account Overseer for the initial set up of the Account and invoice the company for the amount plus any VAT applicable.

The Account is assigned to a specific Internet address (or addresses) which may be changed from time to time at the discretion of Rimsco Limited. The account may normally be used from 1am to midnight of user's local time.

Invoices will be issued on payment receipt. Any price increases will be in line with UK inflation or less once an account is opened. It is our intention to REDUCE prices in the future if possible.

Larger organisations may wish to have their own dedicated server(s) either on the internet or on their own Virtual Private Network (VPN), and prices for dedicated servers start at 2000 US Dollars or 1500 Euros or 1000 pounds Sterling plus VAT per annum. Users who wish to purchase/hire their own servers are offered appropriate IBM blade servers via our IBM Partner World affiliation, accommodated at a mutually agreed server farm.



Available Systems

  1. CATERMAN System.
  2. RIMACCOUNTS Accounting System.

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