Purchase Register

The Purchase Register provides for the entry of supplier invoices on first receipt, and may be associated with document tracking systems.

The intended method of operation is that, as invoices arrive at a company or office, they should be assembled into "batches" of convenient size, and a hash total of all the invoice total figures should be calculated. This may be in one currency or a mixture of currencies. Most companies make a separate batch for invoices in the base currency (say £Sterling) and a separate batch of other mixed currencies.

Each batch should then be entered into the system, with a date, number of invoices and batch hash total.

The system will then relate Invoice Number Sequence to be applied to the batch of invoices, and each individual invoice should then be clearly marked (either with an advancing number stamp or written in ink) with its Invoice Number. No two invoices should have the same number.

The invoices are then entered into the Rimaccounts system, either line by line or in summary form depending on degree of detail required.

When a batch balance is achieved, the invoices may be posted en bloc to the register.

The Invoice Register system provides for the registered invoices to be enquired/reported upon in a variety of ways, and maintenance facilities to amend/delete the invoices are available to authorised high-level passwords.


The Purchase Invoice Register also provides facilities to certain passwords to Maintain Supplier details, and to enquire on previous business with a Supplier across all Group Companies. Lower level passwords may examine all previous invoices registered from a supplier for this company only.

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