Purchase Ledger

The Purchase Ledger for a Group Company provides facilities to post registered invoices to supplier ledger accounts in any currency or mix of currencies, and to pay them in any currency for which a bank account is available.

Provision is made for journals, cash book and petty cash payments, with allocation of unassigned amounts where required.

A suggested payments list is available produced in accordance with user-supplied parameters and taking account of supplier ledger indicators. The suggested payments list includes data on the current state of credit not only with the supplier company but also with the supplier's group of companies, and with the trading situation regarding the user's group of companies with the supplier and with the supplier's group if applicable.

Remittance advices and cheques may be produced either manually or generated from the suggested payments list (which may be amended), in any currency for which there is a bank account. They may be applied against the relevant items on the ledger either manually or automatically.

Supplier statements are available.

A variety of enquiry mechanisms are supported, with each item on the ledger provided with a detailed analysis feature which shows the original invoice or entry, posting transactions and all payment transactions. All currency amounts are shown with rates and base currency equivalent.

A selection of reports is available, including aged credit analysis, purchase daybook, and various reports by supplier. Reports are between user-specified dates.

Finally, the Purchase Ledger module provides for the maintenance of supplier ledger parameters, which include classification of supplier, payment priority, etc. The transaction posting fields may be set for each supplier as either mandatory or default so that, where a value is present, it is automatically entered or prompted into an invoice posting transaction. Thus, taking an electricity supplier as an example, for a UK based company mandatory entries would be set to indicate "UK" as opposed to "EEC/Other Foreign" (assuming the electricity supplier is a UK company). The main account would be set as default for Electricity (assuming that other charges might on occasion be made such as Electricity Connection).


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