Menu and Recipe Facilities

This screen offers entry to the modules which deal with recipes, menus and menu cycles.

  1. Menu Maintenance
  2. Menu Cycle Maintenance
  3. Effect of Short Deliveries
  4. Recipe Maintenance

Menu Maintenance
Deals with the creation, amendment, deletion and display of menus plus handling menus of subordinate units.
A "quick update" of numbers of servings of a recipe on a menu only is also provided, in addition to the full-blown menu amendment.
The final facility of this module provides menu reports on a selected range of menus, either in full detail, or description and price only, or a user-defined selection of data from menus.

Menu Cycle Maintenance
Menu Cycle Maintenance provides for the creation, amendment, deletion and display of menu cycles.
A menu cycle consists of a number of days and a start date, each day having from zero to thousands of menus entered each against a time (the hour and minute it is to be either served or prepared depending on requirement).
A facility for entering bank holidays is also provided in the module, where a "bank holiday" is a date on which the cycle is deemed to be empty for whatever reason.

Effect of Short Deliveries
This facility produces a listing of all menus affected by a short delivery of a purchase order, and the date on which they occur on the cycle.

Recipe Maintenance
Recipe Maintenance provides for the creation, amendment, deletion or display of recipes.
A recipe consists of a list of ingredients (stock items or sub-recipes) together with data on number of portions, costs/price bands, instructions for preparation, resources required, nutrition provided by a serving, etc.
This module also provides for the substitution of an ingredient for all recipes where it occurs.
A number of reports about recipes are also available.

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