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1. Creation, amendment, deletion and enquiry facilities for Stock Items.

All stock items must have a master record for each unit in which they are to be referenced. A unique (to CATERMAN) identifier provides the internal reference to access the record. Subsequently, all accesses to the record may take advantage of alpha-matching facilities, so the identifier need not be used. Consequently, the identifiers should be designed for your convenience as they dictate the order in which items appear in reports. Generally speaking, items should not be deleted once used until any associated orders, goods received notes, invoices, and recipes referring to the stock item are obsolete and have been deleted from the system.

2. Stock Transfers.

Stock may be transferred from one unit to another, the actual transfer taking place only when the receiving unit accepts it.
A list of potential target units is offered, which must have an identical stock item defined for the transfer to proceed.

3. Stock Reports.

A variety of stock reports is provided.

4. Stock Adjustments

The number in store of a stock item may be adjusted by certain passwords, and the difference assigned to an appropriate cost code.

5. Stock Requisitions.

All issues of stock from store are performed via this module, which requires the assignment of each issue to a cost code.

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