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1. Creation, amendment, deletion and enquiry facilities for suppliers.

All suppliers must have a supplier master record for each unit in which they are to be referenced. A unique (to CATERMAN) identifier provides the internal reference to access the record. Subsequently, all accesses to the record may take advantage of alpha-matching facilities, so the identifier need not be used. Consequently, the identifiers should be designed for your convenience as they dictate the order in which suppliers appear in reports. Generally speaking, suppliers should not be deleted once used until any associated orders, goods received notes, invoices, and stock items referring to the supplier are obsolete and have been deleted from the system.

2. Order Entry.

Manual entry of orders, usually only needed for unforeseen requirements or where suggested orders are not applicable.

3. Order Enquiry.

All orders are available for inspection, outstanding or not. A variety of access methods are offerred, and orders may be printed on retrieval.

4. Report on Purchase Orders

A variety of reports are provided from purchase order information.

5. Cancel an Order.

Any outstanding order may be cancelled (as far as the system is concerned), all outstanding quantities being reduced to zero. The system makes no attempt to notify the supplier.

6. Central Purchasing/Ordering.

Only applicable where a central purchasing department is in operation, and only accessible from that department no matter what priority password is in force.

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