Main CATERMAN Facilities List

The Main Facilities List of the CATERMAN system provides entry into the various modules available to the password of the user. These modules are selected from:-

A) Purchase Orders and Associated Facilities

B) Goods Received/Returned

C) Supplier Invoices and Credit Notes

D) Stock Item Enquiry

E) Stock Item Maintenance and Similar

F) Menu Facilities

G) Operational Facilities and Resources

H) Associate Record Maintenance and Reporting

I) Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS)

J) Management Reports

K) Other Facilities Not Listed Above

L) Font/Screen Content and Layout

M) Printed Reports


Projected/In Development

X) Monitoring Systems


Other modules may be added when available

On first entering CATERMAN, some passwords will take the user directly to the unit for which the password is empowered, and this will be the first screen the user sees.
However, more powerful passwords may take the user into a unit which has sub-units subservient to it. In these cases, CATERMAN will first offer the user the option to select a sub-unit to enter, rather than the unit the password defaults to.
For example, a site manager's password may offer the choice of remaining at site level or entering one of several restaurants (or other sub-units) on the site. Should a restaurant be selected which itself has sub-units (a salad bar, a coffee shop, etc.) then a further choice would be offered.
If no selection is made when offered, the user remains in the current unit.
The Main Facilities List Screen is then displayed.

In common with every other screen in the system, there are three or more icons either at the top or bottom of the screen (depends on user-set parameter). The main three icons offer entry into:_

1) Fonts/User Interface Module

This module provides the means of changing any text into any other text of any available size or colour, and either replacing it or accompanying it with graphics and other objects including sound, plug-ins, user-end programs, etc. Empowered users may tailor their own screens, within the same general framework.

2)Help Facilities

The Help facilities of the system are accessed by clicking on this icon. The user is then offered Topical Help (pertinent to the part of the system currently in use), General Help (the main help documents), or an Index of files on the server.

3) Reports Module

Reports produced by a user are held (upto 50) until deleted. On clicking this icon, a list of available reports is provided latest one first. The user may select the desired report for viewing/downloading, or delete it. Multiple choices are allowed.

General Facilities Found in CATERMAN

Throughout CATERMAN, whenever a supplier id is seen on a screen, by clicking on that id a window will open showing the supplier details.
Similarly, whenever a stock item identifier is shown, by clicking on that id a window will open showing the stock item details.
Again, whenever a recipe identifier is shown, by clicking on that id a window will open showing the recipe details.
Whenever a menu identifier is shown, by clicking on that id a window will open showing the menu details.
Whenever a Purchase Order number is shown, by clicking on that number a window will open showing the order details.

CATERMAN Main Help Document