Economic Considerations


Typical users of the system include all organisations which require more than one user to be able to access the accounts from different locations.

A single location access is better served with in-house systems, unless outsourcing of the accounts function is required.

Example of a Typical Implementation.

A small group of companies consists of one larger company with an office in each of two countries, plus a smaller company with one office.

The accounting function requires 10 users, 8 in the larger company consisting of 5 in one country and 3 in the other, plus 2 users in the smaller company.

The main board requires consolidated accounting in Euros. How can this be achieved?


Supposing PC based systems are adequate, a small LAN based system is required in each of the three offices. There would need to be a permanent connection between the two offices of the larger company, and an occasional connection between the larger and smaller companies depending on how often consolidation of accounts was required.

An accounting system for 10 users would need to be bought and installed, and an IT department commissioned to maintain the whole function. Please supply your own figures for this exercise plus ongoing costs.


Rimsco Internet Service Bureau

The alternative is Rimaccounts on a bureau basis over the Internet.

Equipment costs are restricted to PCs with free browsers and Internet connection (either local phone call or a shared ISDN line or a leased line - becoming cheaper all the time, see your local telco). Many ISPs/telcos will supply a ready-made access point (router) in your office. Of course, users needn't work from an office if not required for other reasons.

Staff costs are reduced by having one centralised accounting function.

Each country office works in its own language, with consolidated accounts perpetually available to empowered passwords.

Set-up costs are minimal, and there is no initial licence or purchase cost for the software, nor any ongoing maintenance charges.

Apart from Internet connection, then, costs are purely for use of time on Rimsco Bureau Servers.

To assess the likely usage, you must estimate how long each user will require access. On a typical 10 user system, you would probably be surprised to know that the average user is actually on the system less than 3 hours per day!

Lets be generous, and assume each user is actually on the system 4 hours per day. As the system automatically logs off any user who doesn't enter a screen after a pre-determined interval (which you determine for each user when you set-up the password, from 1 to 15 minutes) users can't waste your Account time. Therefore 10 users would use 40 hours per day. At bulk rate, this would be 200 Euros per day, 5 days per week (1000 Euros), about 50,000 Euros or 32,000 Sterling per year. Plus, of course, your PC cost and your Internet connection - which you may have anyway.

This should compare favourably with in-house system costs, based as it is on low-specification PCs with minimal software/upkeep/overheads, no software maintenance, and no upgrade costs. If your company doubles in size, and you want 20 users, this simply doubles your cost and does not involve you installing a bigger system. And you don't have to worry about backing-up your data or having it wiped out by a virus. Rimsco secures data on a daily basis.


Smaller Companies

Some smaller companies have a particular problem in that managers and executives are often out of the office(s) but still need to be able to run/consult financial information. This is easily achieved using Rimaccounts, where a portable PC with a browser and Internet connection can be used anywhere in the world, and the facilities available are limited only by the user's password parameters. If the browser is set-up correctly not to record encrypted pages, there is no information on the PC to fall into the wrong hands should the PC be stolen or lost.

Virtual Companies

There is a growing trend for small high-tech companies to dispense with offices entirely, and be run from wherever the principles happen to be. Rimaccounts is ideal for these purposes.