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Welcome to RimAccounts Bureau Service, the quickest and cleverest accounting system on the Internet!
Incredibly cost effective and easy to use!
Multi-user, Multi-company!
Multi-currency, Multi-lingual!
Whether your needs are big or small,
no upgrade cost,
no backing-up data,
no capital outlay,
no price increases,

no hassle!

RimAccounts is an integrated accounting system providing for Nominal Ledger, Purchase Ledger with Invoice Register, and Sales Ledger with Sales Register.
Standard features include Cashbooks, Audit Trail, Password-related functionality, etc., etc.
RimAccounts is browser-powered over the Internet in encrypted form, and is offered as a Bureau Service to organisations ranging from small single companies requiring a cost-efficient accounting facility for two or more occasional users to large international groups of companies with thousands of users.
If your company requires multi-company multi-currency accounting (English Language only at the moment, other languages currently in translation) with Euro triangulation, millennium compliance, full audit trail, etc., you are eligible for a free trial of RimAccounts. Each user of the system needs only a browser-equipped PC and access to the Internet. All data input belongs to you. Subsequently, RimAccounts may be continued on the Bureau for 300 Euros/200 Pounds Sterling/400 U.S. Dollars per user per year.
If you must eventually move in-house, Rimsco guarantees to provide a Rimaccounts server with your data at a cost not exceeding 10,000 base plus 1,000 per user (UK only) excluding equipment costs, or at a commensurate figure in other countries taking into account local conditions and other expenses. A remote support contract not exceeding 20% of initial cost per annum will be available.
RimAccounts provides many powerful features, including:-
Supplier/customer accounts held in mixed multiple currencies (an account can have entries in any number of currencies, paid in any currencies).
Trading position reporting not only for a supplier/customer, but also the supplier/customer group, your group against the supplier/customer, and your group against the supplier/customer group.
Reports available showing the situation at any date in the past, as well as current.

If you feel that RimAccounts is what you are looking for, please e-mail details of your company/group and your likely number of users to our sales department for a free 50 hour trial. Rimsco will set-up your company and/or group hierarchy and master passwords, and provide assistance.
You can run your accounts based on any currency you like, such as Sterling, Dollars, Euros, etc.

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